is a theatrical agency representing
a select list of  actors, actresses & creative clients


is a theatrical agency representing

actors, actresses & creative clients

across all areas of the industry. 

With over 30 years experience working in all areas of  the entertainment industry,

Chadd has the knowledge & experience  to help guide, build, enhance, nurture and support careers.

In the past 7 years, Chadd has seen clients work in the West End, UK Tours & International productions such as 42nd Street, Lion King, Shrek, Mamma Mia, The Bodyguard, Mary Poppins, Hair, Cats, Grease, We Will Rock You, Saturday Night Fever, Anything Goes, Dirty Dancing, Phantom of the Opera, Dance Til Dawn, Dirty Dancing, Billy Elliot, Tanz der Vampires, Barnum, Viva Forever and Annie, feature films including Disney's Beauty & The Beast and Cinderella and commercials for Tesco, Liptons, Thomson Holidays,Virgin Media & the Discovery Channel.

Chadd has a very personal approach to representation as having worked on both sides of the footlights, he understands  the demands and joys of showbiz!

  • Nathan Saxon
    Nathan Saxon
  • Devan Kellett
    Devan Kellett
  • Joshua Wills
    Joshua Wills
  • Morgan Turner
    Morgan Turner
  • Georgia Phillips
    Georgia Phillips
  • Lila Anderson
    Lila Anderson
  • Aine Curran
    Aine Curran
  • Ben Ellis Strathie
    Ben Ellis Strathie
  • Claire-Charlotte Ball
    Claire-Charlotte Ball
  • Phil Anderson
    Phil Anderson
  • Madelaine Jennings
    Madelaine Jennings
  • Damian Czarnecki
    Damian Czarnecki
  • Tamara Eden
    Tamara Eden
  • Ellie Sandars
    Ellie Sandars
  • Beth Naan
    Beth Naan
  • Thomas Crowther
    Thomas Crowther
  • Emily Lunt
    Emily Lunt
  • Emily Daniels
    Emily Daniels
  • Bailey Shaw
    Bailey Shaw
  • Grace Erika
    Grace Erika
  • Emmie Ray
    Emmie Ray
  • Mitchell Harper
    Mitchell Harper
  • Alice Ferriera
    Alice Ferriera
  • Howard Jenkins
    Howard Jenkins
  • James Andrews
    James Andrews
  • Corinne Swallow
    Corinne Swallow
  • Joseph Scannell
    Joseph Scannell
  • Amelia Beckett
    Amelia Beckett
  • Aine Curran
    Aine Curran
  • Kristen Gaetz
    Kristen Gaetz
  • George Metcalfe
    George Metcalfe
  • Holli Paige Farr
    Holli Paige Farr
  • Sam Shaw
    Sam Shaw
  • Taryn Erickson
    Taryn Erickson
  • Aggie Njoroge
    Aggie Njoroge
  • Adam Taylor
    Adam Taylor
  • Bradley Gibbins-Klein
    Bradley Gibbins-Klein
  • Chante Ayres
    Chante Ayres
  • Luke Bajjon
    Luke Bajjon
  • Paddy Hornig
    Paddy Hornig
  • Andrea Lynette Young
    Andrea Lynette Young
  • Clare Reilly
    Clare Reilly
  • Benedicte Barra
    Benedicte Barra
  • Elliott  Scott
    Elliott Scott
  • Zachary Adlam
    Zachary Adlam
  • Jay Gardner
    Jay Gardner
  • Lori Kellett
    Lori Kellett
  • Christa Engelbrecht
    Christa Engelbrecht
  • Michaela Guibarra
    Michaela Guibarra
  • Liam Ross-Mills
    Liam Ross-Mills

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